Hi, my name is Erik

This is my website. It's a place for me to drop off & document my thoughts, share with others and play with web technologies. You can view my portfolio and resume, contact me, or view all of my ramblings.

About me

I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina but am currently living & working in Austin, Texas as a software developer/engineer. I am an engineer by trade - I earned my degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Although I'm a software engineer now my work career started as a chemical process engineer working in a textile manufacturing plant. Programming began as a hobby to tinker and build simple websites but I quickly found that it was a powerful tool for manufacturing too. The work I produced allowed me to transition within the company to a software engineer role, improving and automating chemical & manufacturing processes. That work showed what programming is really capable of and I have been addicted to it ever since.

Even though I don't work in manufacturing anymore I still use it as a significant source of inspiration and guidance in software development. Many of the principles are similar or even the same, and I have explored these ideas in several articles on this website.

Outside of work I still like to code as a hobby. Teaching others how to code and image recognition with Pytorch are my current interests. My other hobbies include archery, hiking (when it's not too hot!), cooking and I'm currently learning how to repair bicycles.