My work

This is a collection of some of my work and open source projects I have built & contributed to. The visuals here may make this seem like it is skewed more heavily towards frontend work, but I also worked extensively on API & server services that power these apps. Additionally you can visit my github to see other projects I've worked on.

QuickTrip app for Allstate


My role: API developer

Technologies: Python/Django

QuickTrip is an IOS app built for Allstate. It specializes in route optimization and vehicle maintenance notifications. I worked on a development team using agile development to meet client requirements and contributed primarily as an API developer.

My role: Full stack developer

Technologies: Python/Django

I worked on a small team tasked with building an online ordering system for their menu. I primarily worked on the API supporting the application and part of the front end for the ordering system.


My role: Supporting back end development

Technologies: Node/React

I supported and advised the development of the Sunoco brand website. I primarily supported the frontend team in building a React app, and helped set up the server side rendered version of that app.

Axelrod API & Axelrod UI

My role: Full stack developer

Technologies: Python/Django, React, Redux, D3

Axelrod is a Python package dedicated to the Prisoner's Dilemma. I first found this library while listening to the Talk Python To Me podcast where the idea of a DRF API to wrap the library was brought up. I contacted the contributors and developed both an API to wrap game theory simulations & a UI to consume it.



My role: Architect & Full stack developer

Technologies: Python/Django, React, Redux, D3

An open source application designed to be dynamic and flexible to provide manufacturing insights and analytics for users to better understand their processes. It is composed of a modular, hierarchy based structure that allows users to build and insert preset and custom screens, connect them to custom APIs, and manage their data. This application was used across 5 manufacturing facilities in my previous work.

Maintenance Workshop

maintenance workshop

My role: Architect & Full stack developer

Technologies: Java/Spring MVC, jQuery, D3

An intranet application used for mechanics & electricians to log their daily work. This application also has a metrics and analytics package that allows manager & engineers to identify opportunities to improve maintenance and personal work. I worked very closely with personnel inside manufacturing facilities to build a custom application for their needs.